Bovet x Rolls-Royce Boat Tail tourbillon watch doubles as dashboard clock and more

Cars and watches are almost inseparable. Each watch enthusiast has some fetish for cars and vice versa. So when luxury automaker Rolls-Royce delivered the Boat Tail, it was only time before a timepiece to complement the remarkable car was introduced.

The long agonizing wait is cut short; the world’s most expensive car has a time companion and it’s made by Bovet 1822 – Swiss horologist best known for high-end craftsmanship.

The couple option

Bovet x Rolls-Royce Boat Tail tourbillon is offered in a pair of his and her watches. What makes this timepiece more exquisite is the fact that it is reversible for the wrist and is designed to be used in the Boat Tails custom dashboard. It can also be used as a table clock, pendant watch or a pocket watch, when the owner doesn’t want to carry it on the wrist.

First set of the ladies and gentleman watches is believed to be made for Beyonce and Jay Z and it comes in 44mm 18k white gold case. The men’s edition features night sky setting while the ladies model has flower bouquet. Both watches however feature a detailed sculpture of the Boat Tail on the dial.

The tourbillon and other details

The very luxurious and enticing Bovet x Rolls-Royce Boat Tail tourbillon watch is powered by a customized 60-second tourbillon, which is designed with pivot instead of bearings and uses a higher oscillation rate and heavier balance wheel to ensure the watch is absolutely precise even in the car’s vibration.

The movement beats at 21,600, which is believed to provide enough power to keep it running for up to five days. The watches are provided on deep blue and red straps for men and women respectively. There is no word on how these bespoke watches will be priced, but it is sure the timepieces with be for the Boat Tail owners exclusively.