Trio of Joago watches made from ocean waste and recycled stainless steel

Allegedly, ‘by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans.’ If this is not the kind of earth we want to leave for our kids, we will need to act fast. Showing how we can start by doing our bit and innovating with ocean waste, a startup Joago has designed and manufactured a trio of watches.

Joago watches are made from ocean waste and recycled stainless steel, while other natural materials have also been used, we’ll touch upon that later. For the watches, the sustainably sound startup has tied up with a Spanish manufacturer as part of its supply chain.

The green take

In collaboration, Joago has managed to deliver watches that have straps made from ocean plastic, cases made from stainless steel, and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. These unique timepieces come with interchangeable, colorful straps that in addition to recycled plastic, are made from pineapple waste and vegan velvet.

Of course the watches are made largely from recycled materials, but what Joago has achieved is a reciprocal process wherein locals are employed in removing waste from the ocean and it’s recycled for use in watchmaking. There are three different limited edition watches in the Joago’s collection.

Powered by the Sun: Soleos by Joago is a watch the company touts as – designed for a lifetime. It is a solar-powered watch that can travel to 100m under water. Reportedly, the Soleos can run for up to six months without any light after just three hours on your wrist.

The moon phase: The Eos or ‘new beginning’ in Greek is designed with ocean as an inspiration. The very elegant watch with moon phase complication is 50m water resistant and luxury to own.

The affordable recycled bliss: Terra is the most affordable watch in the series. The watch is water-resistant only up to 30m and is designed for everyday use in the boardroom or an occasional trip to the beach.

A roundup

All the three models are paired with straps made from ocean plastic, the case is designed from recycled stainless steel and the hands and hour makers placed on the dial are coated with luminescent paint to increase visibility in the dark. 

As an additional commitment, Joago pledges to remove a kilogram of trash from the ocean for each purchase of its watch. The watches are up for crowd-funding on Kickstarter, where you can pre-order the model of your choice. Soleos can be grabbed for $229, while Eos and Terra can be yours for $139 and $79 respectively.