Breeze transparent smart mask has N99-level filters

Masks are an integral part of our lifestyle now. Like it or not, we have to cover up in them every time while moving out of the house. For the trendier in us who are still very conscious, health products brand Nexvoo has introduced the Breeze transparent smart mask.

This transparent, FDA registered mask features N99-level high-efficiency filter, which is better than the N95 filtered mask. Interestingly, it also features electric fan modules and comes built-in with self-sanitizing UV-C light.

Breeze smart mask

If you want a face mask that allows easy breathing, this transparent mask has very silent micro fans on either side, which allow in fresh air so you’re never stuffy breathing. The fans have three level speed adjustment to sync with your breathing requirement while working, walking or running.

The clear face mask helps increase oxygen intake and facilitates comfortable breathing. As informed earlier, the Breeze is built-in with UV-C light that helps self-sanitize the face mask, killing all bacteria and viruses, while it is being charged via USB for the next day’s use. On a full charge, the mask can function for up to six hours.

Construction and other details

Suitable for adults, the Breeze transparent smart mask is made using medical-grade silicone, which makes it safe and comfortable to wear. The mask is fitted with 5-layers of 99-precent filtration to achieve N99-level efficiency that protects the user against viruses, bacteria, mildew, dust, allergens and more.

Nexvoo is selling the mask with its USB charging cable and 30 filters for $80. It is available through their website now.