Brembo shows off attractive G Sessanta brake caliper

When it comes to making brake calipers and rotors for automobiles and motorcycles, Brembo is one of the biggest names on the planet. Brembo has shown off its new brake caliper concept specifically made for motorcycles. The company says this is the first-ever brake caliper for motorcycles it has produced embodying its new vision for future mobility.

The brake caliper is called G Sessanta and features a revolutionary application of LED technology on the body of the caliber. Brembo says the solution is adaptable to every application and type of caliper and is meant to enhance both form and function of the brake system. 

G Sessanta calipers can use the LED lighting system to communicate directly with the user or can be used for aesthetics. One possible application would be to have the LEDs glow a certain color, such as red if the brakes overheat. G Sessanta calipers can be personalized using wireless technology.

The G Sessanta concept is meant to celebrate the design of Brembo’s first brake caliper manufactured in 1972 for motorcycles and the name of the designer of that caliper. The concept uses the “iconic lines” that were the trademark of that first brake caliper. The concept reinterprets the body of that original caliper with a neck-generation framework of “dynamic solids and voids.” 

Brembo gives no indication of when or if the new concept caliper will go into production. While this particular brake system is designed for motorbikes, Brembo braking systems are also widely used on cars, and similar technology could certainly be deployed in the automotive realm. While motorcycles suffer from overheating brakes, it’s much more common in heavier automobiles. Having a red LED illuminate if the brakes are too hot would be great for track-day driving enthusiasts.