Build the world your way with LEGO Art World Map

The last two years haven’t been the best for the travel industry. Everyone has either been more or less confined to their homes through this period or restrictions have made it impossible to travel.  

Giving us a reason to feel excited about traveling without actually stepping out of the house. LEGO has introduced the largest LEGO set ever – it is an 11,695-piece set of the world map that can be customized in various ways adding to the fun.

The LEGO Art World Map

When put together completely, the world Map with LEGO bricks measures 40.5-inches in width and 25.5-inches high. The LEGO world map is part of LEGO’s Art collection and it can be customized in different ways including lying out the base in a manner that your favorite area of the world can be in the center of the map.

The map can interestingly allow the builder to mark out their favorite location on the world map they would want to visit with colorful brick-built pins. What is more exciting is that this classic world map can be rebuilt to personal creativity, for instance, the landmass or the oceans can be reconfigured to give the map your personal twist and rebuild the world. 

A LEGO set for your lifestyle

Being more than a building and creative exercise for the mind, the LEGO world map comes with a white brock-built frame and has a couple of hanging elements to display it on the wall of your home or office. The LEGO kit is accompanied with soundtrack to relax and recharge you with an audio world tour as you build your dream world. 

This LEGO world map makes a wonderful set to have at home or gift to a hobbyist. The LEGO set is going to be available starting tomorrow – June 1 – through the company website for $249.99. Other retailers will begin selling the kit from August 1.