Build your own Tesla Cybertruck using over 3,000 resin blocks

The Tesla Cybertruck is the future; it’s the most ambitious and anticipated electric vehicle in recent memory, but there is no trace of when it will be launched. For those not willing to wait, MEGA is allowing them to build their own Cybertruck using 3,000 odd LEGO-like building blocks to live the future in fraction of the real size.

This $250 Mega X Cybertruck brick model is the most detailed version of the Cybertruck you can latch onto for now. There have been many conceptual versions and even campers that have been built in anticipation of the real deal, but this collaborative effort between MEGA and Tesla is a very memorable, collectible for fans.

MEGA X Cybertruck

This new kit called MEGA X Cybertruck comprises slightly over 3,000 resin building blocks. The set features everything that you would need to build the detailed model down to the broken glass from the incident at the Cybertruck’s at embarrassing launch.

The functional model is not a building project for toddlers, instead, it is for people aged 14 or above. For its intricate approach, the model measures almost 20-inches long, 7.5-inches wide and 6.7-inches high. In reference to the actual beast, it is a 1:12 scale model of the Cybertruck. It’s interestingly customized to reveal some hidden features which players can notice while building the Cycbertruck.

The details

By way of information shared by the respective companies, MEGA X Cybertruck is as true to the original vehicle as it can be with adjustable air suspension and armored glass windows for reference.

The MEGA version of the Tesla Cybertruck is now available. The kit went live on October 15 for $250. Those not interested in building their own ride shall have a chance to indulge in mobile AR experience to explore Tesla’s upcoming model without making a purchase.