Burberry Arthur Sneaker Monogram Denim Sneakers now available

Burberry always spells luxury and sophistication. The  British luxury fashion house has a loyal fan base that gets its style and design principles. The signature Burberry plaid is a favorite but there’s also the animal print the brand often uses. 

This time, it uses its monogram print on the classic Arthur Sneakers. We have seen a previous iteration back in 2019—the Burberry TB Monogram Arthur Sneakers. The latest is Burberry Arthur Sneaker Monogram Denim Sneakers. This pair can be considered as another statement piece. 

Classic Burberry Arthur Sneaker gets a new version 

Burberry Arthur Sneaker Monogram Denim 2

It actually follows the Burberry Classic Check we remember from last year. As for the Burberry Arthur Sneaker Monogram Denim , the sneakers remain chunky and bold. We say it’s a pair of sneakers but it looks more like a pair or boots. This design uses a TB-monogrammed denim for that luxurious look that can still be used everyday. 

The Burberry footwear’s design shows the upper in monogrammed blue denim. The mudguard and toebox are rubberized. The fabric eyestays slightly soften the total look that is purely rugged. The throat shows a red Burberry London England badge with white text that is a perfect contrast to the blue and black colors.  

Burberry Arthur Sneaker Monogram Design

Burberry Arthur Sneaker Monogram Denim 4

There are heel tabs that allow easier entry and removal. The midsoles remain bulky and chunky, giving off that really rugged and sporty look. 

The Burberry Arthur Sneaker Monogram Denim Sneakers is now available. You can purchase a pair for $868 from select retail stores like HBX

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