C SEED M1 TV folds underneath the floor when not in use but it costs a bomb

The TV set in the living room is not going to be an idiot box anymore. With the sort of technological advancements – rollable, transparent and even foldable TVs are now becoming a norm. Introducing one of its own for the indoor big-TV appreciators, C SEED has introduced the world’s first foldable 165-inch MicroLED TV.

The foldable offering features a foldable 4K screen in a machined metal frame that offers the onlooker an exciting TV experience. Designed to offer another level of charisma for the affluent the TV is apt for luxury homes and affluent office setups.


This new screen technology for homes is introduced by C SEED in its M1 set, making it a state-of-the-art package. The C SEED M1 comprises a column that rises up silently from the floor – on the push of a button – and unfolds like a scissors gate into a whopping 165-inch 4K television.

The M1 transforms from a sleek metal column into a full-fledged TV instantly. It features a MicroLED display that creates more vibrant colors and offers a stunning resolution in comparison to LCD or LED TVs we use. The C SEED M1 is designed by University of Applied Arts Vienna graduate, Stefan Pani, as the indoor variant of the famous C SEED 201 outdoor TV by Porsche Design.

Pricing and more

The screen of the C SEED M1 features frame integrated with soundboard that, when TV is fully open, rests on the base made up of four plates. To make the folded out screen completely seamless, the designer has employed Adaptive Gape Calibration Technology (AGC) the renders the creases in between the foldable screen completely invisible.

The C SEED M1 TV is now available for a whopping $400,000. It comes in four colors – silver, gold, black, Titanium.