Campfire Audio Saber IEM earbuds boast hybrid design and crisp audio

Audiophiles are very hard to please owing to their highly sensitive listening capabilities and craving for the best sounding IEMs. If you are considering gifting your audiophile buddy a great pair of earbuds this holiday season, there’s just the right option out there.

Campfire Audio known for their sleek design and sublime audio have already released high-performance IEMs (Honeydew, Satsuma, Mammoth, and Holocene) in 2021, and not another one joins the ranks in the form of Campfire Audio Saber. The limited-edition earbuds for audiophiles will be hard to resist, and there’s reason enough for that.

Triple driver audio system

The IEM by Campfire Audio boasts the new hybrid design, encapsulated in Damascus steel housing and the tough matte black ABS body combo. They have a detachable 4.4mm Pentaconn pure copper cable with adjustable ear hooks for ergonomic comfort which are a bit of rarity with such earbuds.  

Sure, they look good and sound is exceptional too, thanks to the triple drivers housed inside the 3D printed acoustic chamber for clear singular sound at all audible frequency levels. There’s the single balanced armature driver for crisp highs, 6mm nano-titanium diaphragm driver for mids and an 8mm hybrid beryllium polymer diaphragm dynamic driver for thumping low-end bass impact.

Style, comfort and listening pleasure   

The Saber earbuds are typical IEM’s that have the wire going right over the ears and detach right around the bottom. Undoubtedly, the earbuds are stylish, comfortable for long listening sessions, and sound great – giving audiophiles more than enough reason to go for them. Certainly, a good point to get started for music lovers who value quality without all the unnecessary fluff.    

Campfire Saber IEMs come in a cool Portland canvas carrying grey case to keep them safe. The audiophile earbuds will only be available in a limited number of 1,000 units and can be pre-ordered right away from Campfire Audio for a price tag of $449.