Show off your retro style with Penna – typewriter-inspired wireless keyboard

Bluetooth keyboards are not just useful in minimizing the wire clutter, they are absolute charm to work on when paired with touchscreen devices including smartphones and tablets. While keyboards are becoming techier and enticing, there are companies trying to make them iconic in a way. 

Case in point, Elretron, which is selling a typewriter-inspired wireless keyboard that only a few would like, but all would appreciate. Dubbed Penna, the keyboard is targeted at the retro-tech-inspired that love the fusion of old-aesthetics and new technology.

The Penna keyboard

A wonderful take on the modern-day mechanical Bluetooth keyboard, it has a “more beautiful design than the mobile phone itself” Elretron claims. While we can beg to differ, there is no denying, this keyboard is enticing enough to leave on your desk alongside your mobile device.

The keyboard embracing retro styling features keycaps that are as smooth as the mechanical ones but are designed carefully to reduce typos. Penna is available in two versions: the fancy diamond-shaped keycaps that have a square design with rounded edges for more accurate typing, and the circular typewriter-like chrome keycaps – you can choose from either option depending on your preference.

The interesting bit

Penna’s layout is that of a standard QWERTY keyboard and it comes with a cradle to hold the mobile phone or tablet in place – at an angle ideal for viewing. Interestingly, the keyboard has typewriter-style lever on the side, which makes it different from other Bluetooth keyboards.

The lever when pushed upward records what you’re typing and pushing it down saves the recording – so the saved words/phrases can be used later. Penna is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android devices so you can pair everything from a new iPad to Google Pixel phone. The keyboard is available in five new colors through Elretron starting at $199.