Campfire Supermoon IEMs deliver uplifting audio, superior in-ear comfort

In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) are a great investment for professional music composers, stage artists, sound engineers, and of course serious audiophiles who like to listen to audio just as intended by the creator. Portland-based audio design and manufacturing company Campfire Audio is popular with this niche crowd with its warm sound signature and a hint of bass depth.

Now they’ve added their latest flagship IEMs to the custom-fit series, and they call it the Supermoon. Carrying a steep price tag of $1,500 in both Artist Fit and Audiophile Fit, these IEMs are meant for people who appreciate the intricacies of sublime audio.     

Premium Campfire Supermoon IEMs

The Supermoon In-Ear Monitors are 3D printed as a unibody housing, and thereafter meticulously hand-finished in Portland. That stainless steel faceplate is embedded on for an even sleeker look. The result is unbelievable sound quality, superior fit and class-leading durability. To get that perfect fit, the user can send their ear impression and the engineers will create a custom version.

These earbuds come with the 14mm custom planar magnetic driver to deliver an expanded range of sound in a crisp soundscape. The drivers are placed carefully inside the specially mapped interior acoustic chamber (custom positioned according to the digitally scanned ear impression) for a very unique frequency response having smooth lows, spicy mids, and clear highs.

So, we’re talking about a wide range of music genres that the Supermoon can deliver with equal class – be it Classical, Rock, Jazz, RnB, Techno, Alternative, Synthwave or more.    

Earbuds designed for audio lovers

Campfire has made sure these IEMs appeal to every kind of audio lover. Therefore, the Artist Fit has a more traditional earbud seal depth for better sonic isolation and demanding on-stage performances. The Audiophile Fit in comparison has a much shallower seal depth with a trimmed down length for long hours of listening to music.

Buyers can choose the Smoky Litz audiophile cable, Artist Litz performance-based cable or the balanced Smoky Litz cable for mixed usage profile. So, the customization options make these IEMs worth their weight in gold.  

The Campfire Supermoon IEMs are tailormade for users who want something way better than the commercially available earbuds. A pair of sound isolating In-Ear Monitors that are a bang for the buck considering their custom design and acoustic signature that’s unmatchable.