Ultrahuman fitness and wellness app helps take control of your life

Health and fitness have become paramount for most people, so there is a demand for best services that can offer solace. Ultrahuman wants to set new precedence in a space dominated by apps like headspace and calm, or tons of other fitness apps on the Play Store and Apple Store. Launched at CES 2021, the unified platform provides users worldwide the opportunity to set their lives on the right path with meditation, sleep, workout, and calming music – all in one place.

Ultrahuman vows to do this with the help of top athletes, coaches, and psychologists who’ll help out the users of the app in achieving their best self-version possible. Already they have an impressive list of partners including Crossfit champion Kara Saunders, Fitness celebrity Amanda Cerny, Coach Johannes Bartl, Hybrid athlete and coach Kris Gethin, MindSize CEO Christian Straka.

Technology-based approach   

The app syncs with your smart devices like the Apple Watch to measure the effectiveness of the workout or meditation sessions. They call it Biofeedback technology, as it gives user real-time insights about heart rate during a workout or the effect of meditation and brain music played in the app.

Combine this with the ever-increasing content for the workouts, meditation, bedtime stories, and brain music; and the Ultrahuman app wants to extract the best in you. For workouts, there is the HIIT classes module across key programs designed for your needs. These include Marathon Training, Body Transformation Series, Home Body Workout Series, and Flow with Ashtanga.  

Meditation, bedtime stories and Brain Music

The app has a meditation module designed after consultation with psychologist and mindfulness researchers. You can explore the different programs including – In Developing A Balanced Mind by Diana Winston; Getting Started With Mindfulness by Dr. Shauna Shapiro; Stress Management by Elisha Goldstein; and Wellness Meditation by UCLA.

For people having trouble sleeping at night, Ultrahuman has Bedtime Stories written by award-winning authors. To start with, one can explore Voyager 1 by author and astrophysicist Matt Russo; In A Whale Song by marine biologist Nan Hause; and The Golden Spirit by Ruskin Bond.

If you are someone who has a hard time focusing on the task at hand, the Brain Music series will be of great help. It includes music designed by neuro-musicians, classical music legends and artists, including Grammy Award winners. The module comes with The Sleep Channel and Your Daily Focus Capsule by Evoked Response, Stay At Home Relaxation by Chillhop Music and calming music by Grammy award-winning soloist and Maori musical instrument specialist Jerome Kavanaugh.