CargoHome builds shipping container tiny homes and you can buy them now

Concept of transforming shipping containers into tiny homes, portable enough to be moved between sites, is not a new concept at least in the US. In addition to being inexpensive and durable, such abodes are eco-friendly and weather-resistant. 

While many individuals and couples, taking to the tiny lifestyle, have been designing and living out of shipping container homes, there is one company that is fueling the dreams for not so DIY-types.

Transforming steel box into cozy abode

CargoHome, is a family-owned business that hand-builds shipping container tiny homes for customers. Based out of the City of Waco, Texas, it has three types of pre-built models listed on their website.

These are Anchor, Mainsail and the Helm. Each of these comes with a roof-top terrace and a glass panel door. You can even get a bespoke version for a price you can shell or select a DIY kit to build one by yourself.

A finished abode features exquisite wood paneling on the inside complete with insulation, electric and plumbing. Customized storage and furniture and full-size fitting makes the tiny home more than a space just live in – it’s a complete home you can dream of.

According to Dwell, the company has already built over three dozen of such tiny homes, a few of which are listed as rentals in Airbnb. The container home, depending on the model vary in size between 160 sq ft and 480 sq ft., the pricing for the smallest home starts at $40K.

Rundown through the tiny house models

Smallest in the family, the Anchor measures 160 square foot but hides a complete home within. Complete with a queen-sized Murphy bed, kitchenette and washroom, it has a glass front door that opens 270-degrees to create a spacious indoor-outdoor living space.

Built on a 40-foot shipping container, the Mainsail has a separate living room and a bedroom with queen-sized bed. Offering 320 square foot real estate on the inside, the tiny house has a larger kitchen and dining space.

Helm in CargoHomes’s largest model. It is a two-story container house, featuring a 20 foot container placed on top of a 40 foot one. The tiny house with an additional bedroom on the first floor can easily accommodate up to six people.