Tubmarine Wood-Fired Hot Tub doesn’t need any power

There is plenty of technology now when it comes to bathing. For some people, bathing and showering are the same. Some are saying a long bath is more effective in cleaning compared to showering. Right now, we only care that people are becoming more hygienic than ever. That’s important because who doesn’t want a clean and nice-smelling neighbor?

Each bath is unique depending on how you planned one. Not that it should be complicated but apparently, you can make baths more interesting. A rubber duckie won’t be enough.

If you want to listen to your favorite music or sing-along to your fave singer, get the Kohler Moxie Showerhead and Smart Speaker. To make your bathroom prettier, consider any from the Marcante Testa collection that includes washbasins and cabinets.

Eco-friendly Bathtub Doesn’t Need Electricity

For the eco-friendly community, a regular bathtub may be too much. There’s too much water waste. If it’s too cold, the water heater must be used. If there’s a way that you don’t have to spend as much water or electricity, it must be made known to the public.

Good thing there is the Tubmarine. No, it’s not a submarine that is shaped like a tub. It really is a tub for bathing. The design is something you usually see in cabins, chalets, or retreat houses.

The wood-fired hot tub may take you back to the old days. It doesn’t need any electricity but it may take you up to two hours to heat up the water. But still, it is considered ‘green’ not only because it doesn’t need power but it’s also made of eco-friendly materials.

Tubmarine is Your Own Jacuzzi at Home

The tub is big enough that four people can fit. Imagine having your family and friends and invite them to get into the tub with you. It’s like having your own personal Jacuzzi at home.

The Tubmarine Wood-fired Hot Tube comes with a Kirami water heater. The wood used here is from Kebony. Add this to your cabin or chalet in the woods and you may not want to leave the tub or your home.