Cars with wireless charging pads to juice up multiple devices without alignment on the way

With the increasing number of wireless charging phones and other devices debuting every single day; automakers are leveraging the opportunity to embed vehicle interiors with wireless charging solutions. The downside of these wireless chargers, for now, is limitation of number of devices they can charge simultaneously and the requirement to precisely align the gadget to juice up.

A new consortium of Aira and Motherson Innovations Company Limited visions to change this scenario. It intends to enable the automotive industry with charging solutions that can power multiple devices simultaneously irrespective of the position of a device on the charging pad.

Setting the new standard

“Motherson is one of the world’s largest and most forward-thinking automotive suppliers.” In association with Aira, the two marques intend to provide latter’s FreePower wireless charging technology for integration into automotive interiors, consumer electronics, and furniture.

FreePower modules will provide best-in-class user experiences for wireless charging that’s free of “alignment and movement constraints.” The first real prowess of Aria’s innovative FreePower was seen in the Nomad’s Base Station Pro. This wireless charging pad automatically detected where a Qi-compatible device is placed and the charging voltage it supports before juicing up its battery.

The change

Motherson and Aira intend to jointly develop, manufacture, and supply automotive-grade FreePower wireless charging modules. With the integration of FreePower, automakers – and other industries – will be able to eliminate the need for their customers to align Qi-compatible devices on a charging pad. It will also enable them to charge a few devices simultaneously.

Interestingly, FreePower will be compatible with Qi devices from all majors including Google, Apple, and Samsung. The Motherson and Aira’s strategic partnership intends to bring the new change in wireless charging to modern cars soon, there is no definite timeline, but we expect it won’t be too long now.