Casa Odyssia sea-side country house is built around a single pillar

Greece is home to brilliant arts and architecture. The rich heritage of the country motivated Krak Architects to build Casa Odyssia, a gorgeous residence located on the northeastern part of Corfu Island. The geometric country house is perched on a lush landscape at an altitude of 250 meters, overlooking the gorgeous views of the Ionian Sea.  

The entire structure is built around a single pillar that seems to be protruding out of the ground. Casa Odyssia becomes one with nature by expanding itself flawlessly into the surrounding landscape. The name is inspired by the classic tale “The Odyssey” by Homer, telling the story of the Greek hero Odysseus, King of Ithaca, and his journey back home after the Trojan War.

Casa Odyssia

The concrete planes of the house are a stark contrast to the verdant scenery of Cypress and Olive trees that are enveloping it. The gigantic structure features large framed glass windows and covered terraces, providing an unhindered view of the scenery. With its areas functioning as semi-outdoor terraces, the dwellers can frolic about the house in the summer months.

Casa Odyssia boasts contemporary modern architecture, which utilizes the natural settings in its design and construction. The circular opening above the main living area allows plenty of natural light to enter the house, while providing a unique play of light and shadow in compliance with sunlight, simultaneously.

Expansive space

The house has a total area of 142 square meters with additional possibility for expansion in the living area. An expansive swimming pool, overlooking the Ionian Sea, is also included in the residential property. Offering placid and utterly beautiful sights to behold, this destination is perfect for a relaxing vacation.

The dwelling seeks to serve as a place for rest, meditation, hospitality, and as an escape from the rushing city life. Owing to a series of large openings and by becoming one with nature, Casa Odyssia thrives to bring peace and tranquility to the inhabitants.