National Geographic’s List of Best Places to Visit in 2021 has some surprises

Despite the fact that the world tourism is at halt owing to the coronavirus pandemic, people are eager to get out of their houses and explore the best destinations across the globe. Well, while that is not possible at the moment, National Geographic has revealed its coveted annual list of finest destinations – ‘Best of the World 2021’ – with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in mind.

The list of destinations on the rise for 2021 presents the theme of “Dream Now, Go Later.” The list includes 25 amazing places to inspire future (of course, post-pandemic) travel goals.

Dream Now, Go Later

To quote National Geographic, “the world is full of wonders – even if they’re hard to reach.” While the travels have been put on a standstill in the pandemic, it’s not a bad thing to utilize this time to plan future journeys. You can plan your subsequent voyage with the help of the list of the next year’s most important places.

National Geographic has divided 25 beautiful destinations of its list into five categories – sustainability, family, nature, adventure, and culture. The five categories offer up gorgeous places to inspire readers to explore places, communities and innovations. The list provides much-desired and much-awaited escape for people, while the world has been almost stagnant for around nine months of pandemic. 

The destinations are showcased at, where people can find inspiration for their next journey across the world.

Dream destinations

The Sustainability category features six outstanding destinations across Europe, Africa and the US. The new underwater museum in Alonissos (Greece) and 1.3 million square kilometre marine park in New Caledonia (France) will interest the people fascinated by aquatic habitats. Copenhagen (Denmark), Freiburg (Germany), Gabon (Central Africa), and Denver (Colorado) are the other destinations on the sustainability group – offering beautiful sights to behold.

Florida’s Space Coast and England Coastal Path are included in the Family group, along with Transylvania (Romania), Hortobagy (Hungary), and Indigenous British Columbia (Canada). The Adventure category has destinations like Svaneti (Georgia), Katmai National Park (Alaska), Dominica, and Los Glaciares National Park (Argentina).

The Nature category has Isle Royale (Michigan), Yellowknife (Canada), Cerrado savanna (Brazil), and Lord Howe Island (Australia) to offer up to the eager tourists. Guam, New Mexico, Bitoria-Gasteiz (Spain), Gyeongju (South Korea), Tulsa (Oklahoma), and Tonglu (China) are featured in the Culture category.