Caviar turns iPhone 12 Pro, Galaxy S21 Ultra into pure gold phones

Two of the most exciting, probably the best smartphones out there at the moment – iPhone 12 Pro and the Galaxy S21 Ultra have been given an all gold treatment by Caviar. For the first time – to give the greatest value to these elite handsets – Caviar has designed the phones in purest 24-carat gold.

This pure gold treatment makes the gaudy smartphones more of a piece of collector’s art than actually usable – of course, you can if you have the pocket deep enough to afford one and then the heart to use it in the open. This is for the first time Caviar jewelers are using purest 999.9 gold, until it used 18-carat gold which, according to the marque is more relevant and practical in everyday life.

The goldphone

The Russian jeweler has designed the Apple iPhone 12 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in shape of gold bars of 1kg each. The goldphones retain most of the smart features though the designers have compromised cameras for the gold bar look.

Branding is exorbitantly displayed on the goldphones – the Caviar logo is visible on the back, right below is the “Fine Gold 999.9” engraved along with the weight of the device. Most elusive is the limited edition engraving. Both the phones are limited to only 7 examples, and each of them is individually numbered.

Elite casing, whopping price tag

Each of the gold draped iPhone 12 Pro and Galaxy S21 Ultra will be shipped in a luxurious white case-safe which is secured by a combination lock. You’ll need a safe that complements the gold color and of course keeps this valuable purchase safe as ever.

As you’d expect, these 1 kilogram 24-karat gold renditions of the two most exclusive phones is beyond the reach of many. Made for the affluent the phones start from $159 000.