Garmin tactix Delta Solar with 24 days battery is GPS smartwatch worth investing in

Solar-powered watch is a buy-it-for-a-lifetime kind of an investment because it minimizes problems of mechanical watches like battery out or inaccuracy. A solar-powered GPS watch with fitness tracking features is all the more worthwhile purchase for anyone who loves the word outdoors for reasons more than just a morning jog.

Garmin’s Solar-powered Tactical GPS watch is one promising entrant in this department. In addition to featuring a solar charging lens, this tactical GPS smartwatch offers features such as mapping, music, and you guessed it, advanced fitness and training features.

The overview

Dubbed the Garmin tactix Delta Solar, this smartwatch comes with a rugged black DLC coated steel bezel which packs inside a 35.56mm black colored dial. The watch has a scratch resistant sapphire glass and it has been tested by U.S. Military standards (MIL-STD-810) for ruggedness and durability.

The Garmin watch is charged by the power of the sun and can give up to 24 days of battery life when fully charged. Equipped to help you through everyday objectives, the smartwatch comes with dual-format GPS and built-in topographic maps, and the option to set and save geo positions for future reference. The watch features night vision capability so you can switch between daytime view and night view for better clarity in reading time.   

Fitness features

Garmin tactix Delta Solar is not a solar-powered GPS watch alone, it comes with integrated health and fitness features for harder and smarter training. The smartwatch is preloaded with activity profiles for swimming, running, hiking, biking, skiing, rowing, golfing, surfing and more.  

The watch can also pair with your smartphone to receive emails, text alerts, store music, can be used for contactless payments, and do a lot more. In addition, this $1,099.99 smartwatch also monitors your fitness levels. It comes with 24×7 heart rate monitoring and respiration rate tracking, so whether you are on a trek to the hilltop or lost in the jungle – tactix Delta Solar has you covered and will ensure you get back home safe and sound.