Secretlab Magnus with magnetic cable management is ultimate gaming, work desk

Hardcore gamers who give their gear importance would instantly relate with Secretlab, yes the company that has won laurels for its gaming chairs. Now as a companion for its chairs, Secretlab has designed the Magnus Metal Desk –meticulously conceived for maximum productivity while gaming and working.

Many accessory manufacturers have forayed into gaming chair arena, delivering ergonomic and comfortable seaters for long sessions, but a desk or PC console table has not seen much aesthetic improvement. The Magnus Metal Desk is therefore an industry defining creation.

The intriguing design

As much as it is devised to be a gaming table, the Magnus Metal Desk, is equally smart for work from home generation with its viable cable management system. The table comes in two sizes, but only one 1.5m (in length) Magnus is available. It is priced at $499 (accessories extra) and almost all of it is made from stainless steel.

The table features a single piece tabletop and comes with its magnetic accessories that cling onto the metal table surface to manage otherwise dangling cables. There is a built-in cable management tray where you can stash the cables and accessories when not being used.

Accessories and more

The table is delivered flat packed with an assembly guide and requisite tools to assist in setting it up. The company is also offering proprietary accessories such as magnetic cable holders to ensure the cables of your PC, phone and other gadgetry can remain from slipping off. A magnetic cable sheath can be attached to the desk leg to ensure the cables down dangle lose.

It’s not only the magnetic clippers and cable storage that makes Magnus incredible. The desk is scientifically calibrated to 29-inch high (it is adjustable though) and the company provides Magpad Desk Mat for it, which also attaches magnetically to the surface. And to add some lighting effect to your workstation, Secretlab is also offering an option to include magnetic RGB light strip that installs toward the back of the table – reflecting a gamut of colors.  

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  • Bob
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    The desk should have wireless gadget charging pad built in.

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