Caviar unveils uber-luxury iPhone 13 Pro series to match your Rolex

The new iPhone series is out and it’s time for the alchemist Caviar to deliver its magic! Before you can think of pairing your darling Rolex with a standard set of iPhone 13 Pro/Max, Caviar wants to bling up the experience for you.

In that vein, the brand known for customizing uber-luxury smartphone versions has transformed the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max models into smartphones you’d want to go with your supercar and the Rolex around the wrist.

Pair of Kings

In the Pair of Kings Collection the iPhone for your Rolex have been delivered. These are a set of five uniquely designed iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models that are priced between $6,540 and $25,080.

At the top of the price chart is a handset modeled after the Rolex Cellini, which is named after Italian jeweler and sculptor Benvenuto Cellini. The customized iPhone 13 Pro/Max features the top part inspired by the watch in 18K white gold, the bottom comprises the Rolex Cellini strap-style brown crocodile skin covering. The top and bottom of the phone are separated by a fluted bezel, its frame is produced in 18K rose gold, and it will set you back $25,080.

More bling

Other watches that have been an inspiration for the Caviar iPhone 13 Pro/Max, Pair of Kings collection include Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, Rolex-Sky-Dweller, Rolex-Datejust and Yacht-Master II. The iPhones modeled after these correspond to the Rolex designs and remind one of these timeless watches.

These custom iPhone 13 Pro series handsets are now available with the only caveat that each unit is limited to 99 pieces. Rolex fans may have to pick pace if they want a phone to match their timepiece.