Cercle transforming bike is a solo house on wheels ready for adventure

Campers and trailers are a good way to bed and travel as you desire, but can that be true for a bicycle? It certainly can as inventor Bernhard Sobotta proves with his real-life transforming bike that is a travel companion by day and a bed, kitchen or work desk by night time.

The prototype bike is the result of Bernhard’s desire in the summer of 2019 to create a set of two wheels that could accommodate a hammock for resting. The initial idea led to the integration of a fold-out aluminum day bed frame into a bike frame, and then it became much more than just a bike hammock combo!

Cercle transforming bicycle

As the curious inventor played around with the ingenious idea, he managed to fit in a bed-chair lounger table frame that transforms a simple bike riding experience into a full-fledged solo adventure. The bike accommodates a tent fixated to the structure that unfolds for a cozy night’s sleep for a single person.

Bernhard who was an Industrial Design student at Austria’s FH Joanneum University of Applied Sciences at the time of the built, got motivated by his early escapades in Australia and decided to make this curiosity to be a part of his bachelor’s thesis. That led to the creation of Cercle transforming bike.

Mobile home on two wheels

The bike has a big circular frame bang in the middle with enough space to carry along all the essentials for a comfy stay during the night time or resting during the day. When the rider decides to set camp, the circular frame folds out to create a sitting space with the recliner chair and a front table.

For night time it can be folded back to transform into a cot and a one-person tent protects from the inclement weather out in the open. According to Bernhard, the handlebars are connected to the front wheels via steering cables which address the drivability ease.

Cercle has already ventured on a 1,000-km test journey which all went well and now Bernhard is on an internship with Portus Cycles to create the second generation of the unique camping bike. He plans to improve the tent capabilities and take Cercle on a world tour in 2022.      

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