CHI Footwear Graphene sneakers are sweat, odor, and germs free

Manufacturers are always looking to innovate and create better shoes, and in graphene, many have found a good way of doing it. While no major brand has toiled with the material, some innovative names have conceived pairs with graphene. CHI Footwear being the latest one to jump on the bandwagon.

Paying heed to comfort, style, and technology, CHI Footwear has brought forth a new sneaker collection that uses graphene in construction. The strongest material in the world – graphene, has been meticulously employed with other materials to create a shoe line that keeps the feet within odor, germs, and even virus free, the company claims.

The new healthy shoe

The CHI Footwear Graphene Collection is result of a partnership between Farouk Systems Inc. Chairman Farouk Shami and CHI Footwear Co-Founder and Executive Designer Joan Orozco. The high-tech shoes protect wearer’s feet from a host of foot problems including poor air circulation, sweat, odor, foot fatigue, and bacteria.

Additionally, the use of graphene in construction makes the sneaker collection “2X stronger and more flexible“ than an average pair of casual sneakers. The upper of the silhouette is made from Italian fine leather, cowhide, and graphene. The insole also features graphene along with premium foam, while rubber outsole provides the shoe good flexibility, wear resistance, and overall comfort.

The collection

CHI Footwear sneakers combines style, comfort, and technology and comes predominantly in black and white base colors with accents of attractive colors. The collection is limited to just 15-pieces with certain designs featuring the Eye of Horus – an “ancient Egyptian symbol defining protection, good health and energy.”

The Graphene Collection is available from the brand’s online store, in both men’s and women’s sizes. The men’s range starts from $269.