Christofle, Chef Jean Imbert, and Pharrell Williams work on sets of silverware

How do you like your coffee? We want it black or brewed. It’s different for many people. For others, there’s espresso for that strong kick. In what seems to be like a very luxurious way to serve coffee, here is a 24-Piece Silver-Plated Flatware Set from Christofle.

Christofle is a Parisian company into tableware and goldsmith. It teamed up with Chef Jean Imbert and American singer Pharell Williams to come up with this limited edition MOOD dining collection. The collab of these two creatives plus a trusted French luxury brand brings a special MOOD for the coffee lovers.

Born with a Silver Espresso Spoon

You can get either this Set of 6 Espresso Spoons for $893 (€800) or this 24-Piece Silver-Plated Flatware Set which is more expensive at $3,237 (€2,900). Why such high prices for spoons and other flatware? All in the name of luxury and novelty.

If you get anything from the MOOD collection, you will have an interesting piece for conversation. Christofle has always been known for its legacy or radiance and elegance since the year 1830. That’s almost two centuries of tradition.

Spoons Spell Elegance and Luxury

The flatware set is also a decorative ornament. The egg-shaped container can be used as home décor or centerpiece for those fancy dinners you’re hosting. The creative product of Christofle, Jean Imbert, and Pharrell Williams may only be silver-plated but it shows all-time luxury and elegance.

The MOOD Coffee flatware is placed inside the yellow-coated steel egg-shaped chest. There are only 1,000 units made. If you want a more complete set, there’s the 24-piece set for six people. The set includes 6 of silver-plated table forks, 6 knives, 6 tablespoons, and 6 coffee spoons.

Unlike the 6-spoon set, the 24-piece collection features spoons engraved with the word “Share” on the hand. Each one is lacquered in six different colors.

The yellow storage case features the emblem of Christofle plus the signatures of Jean Imbert and Pharrell Williams. There are only 500 units of the 24-piece set so we suggest you grab one now.