Compete with pro athletes in Nike’s Living Room Cup challenge

Today, in these health challenging times, most of us are spending time at home. Our zeal and schedule of exercise has taken a back seat drastically, impacting our level of physical fitness and mental health.  

As we are spending more hours on the web, there is an opportunity to train and compete with professional athletes in a digital fitness/workout series “The Living Room Cup” by Nike. These sports stars are also making a conscious effort to work-out and stay fit indoors.  

Competing in a redefined field

According to the press release, The Living Room Cup challenge is a digital workout series that “offers a new space to compete against Nike pro athletes through weekly fitness challenges.”

Portuguese football legend Cristiano Ronaldo recently shared the first challenge – an ‘ab workout’ – on his Instagram profile. He has challenged his followers to beat his best mark in one week, after which he will pass on the baton to some other professional athlete for a new challenge.

An indoor wellness journey

In this at-home workout challenge, fitness fans will not only get a chance to complete with Ronaldo but dedicated workouts will be rolled out by some of the world’s fittest sports stars each week on the NikeTraining Club app.

Everyone taking part in this digital workout series, challenging the pros in their own game, can share their videos via Instagram using #playinside and #thelivingroomcup hashtags. 

Nike has always encouraged a healthy lifestyle; no matter it’s indoors or outdoors. ‘The Living Room Cup’ is another step to their wellness journey indoors.