Contactless ways of trick-or-treating this Halloween

Halloween is here and most of us are worried about how to celebrate the day safely this year. While the festivity is going ahead with slightly curtailed spookiness, we all need to adjust our Halloween routine a little in regard to social-distancing protocols and other safety guidelines.

The biggest challenge will be to figure out new and safe ways to distribute treats to the little trick-or-treaters. There are several creative methods people have been trying to spread socially-distanced holiday cheer this year, have a look:

Grabbing apparatus

A simple and inexpensive way to maintain a safe distance between yourself and trick-or-treaters is to use a grabbing apparatus. If you already have one at home, you can decorate it a bit with ghoulish accents. If you don’t, there are many innovative grabbers in the market that are appropriate for Halloween festivity, for instance a gorilla’s arm that extends a user’s reach by 18 inches.

Candy chute

Crafty people out there have come up with creative solutions to safely hand out candy to the kids on Halloween; one of them is the candy chute. DIY-er couple Grenier and wife Jamie Nakae of The Wicked Makers, and Andrew Beattie, father of a 6-year-old daughter – both have devised candy chutes for social-distanced candy distribution. The candy chute easily maintains the six feet distance between you and the treat-seeking visitors. All you need is a PVC pipe, a couple of screws, some picture-hanging wire, and something to adorn the pipe with.

Halloween Hunt

Halloween is probably every kid’s favorite holiday with all the costumes and sweet treats to savor. While that may be the case, social-distancing protocols have put a dampener on the cheer of the festivities. Keeping that in the mind, many people have organized Halloween scavenger hunts outside their houses. Hiding treats and providing clues to kids is not only a safe way to hand out candies but also a fun-filled activity to keep them involved.