Corvette C8 gets Rocket Bunny’s magic treatment with custom body kit

The mid-engine coupe, C8 Corvette has a very aerodynamic, fluid design, making it one of the most desired sports car out there. So, how about giving the car a muscular facelift that lends it a mean look?

Who other than Rocket Bunny/Pandem can promise such a revamp which makes you want to rev-up the C8 to its limit in a drag race perhaps! Kei Miura, founder of Rocket Bunny decided to give the American supercar a beefy look and the results are stunning, courtesy the Pandem C8 body kit.

Rocket Bunny – the master customizer

The original Corvette C8 has a very slim rear and that’s where the car gets the fat treatment by the pro customizer. Muted spoiler of the car is replaced by a big optional rear wing and the massive diffusers giving it massive road presence when viewed from the sides or behind.

Likewise, the side skirting and fenders all over the front and sides transform the overall width of the C8 Corvette. Rocket Bunny’s custom body kit gives the car a boxy flare worthy of a race car for circuit racing thrill.

Massive wheel arches for a beefy profile

Growing on the big boy look, the wheel arches get a squared-off look, giving C8 a distinct aggressive character. This is topped-off with yellow gold lip and the glossy six-spoke alloys. And yes you can find the Pandem branding along with Rocket Bunny Racing on the front and sides

Coming from the master tuner, this kit ought to have a premium price tag – $7,000 to be precise. Of course, the body parts can also be had separately, since the front lip comes for $1,000, side skirts set you back $1,200, front fenders cost $1,800, rear fenders are priced at $1,800 and the rear wing costs $1,200.