Cube One prefab unit by Nestron is a tiny, futuristic home

Prefabricated homes (prefab homes) can be worth it if you know what you’re getting and if you know why you’re doing. It will be more worth the money especially if you are setting up one in the best location. Getting a prefab unit like the Cube One seems easy but it’s more complicated than just buying and having it delivered to your backyard.

It’s important that you know the quality. Don’t just get one because of the price. Choose one that you know can last a lifetime and withstand different weather conditions.

Your prefab unit must meet those requirements but of course, you don’t have to scrimp on the design. A well-designed prefab home is possible. And since we’re thinking about sustainability and stuff that will last a long time, the Cube One boasts a design that will make you think of our future living in space. Well, it may not happen in our lifetime but the Cube One brings that space-age, Jetsons feel.

Sustainable Architecture Meets Futuristic Design

As described, the Cube One boasts a curvilinear design, a fortified shell, and some dazzling lighting. It’s really futuristic from the outside but a bit looks mid-century on the inside—at least, to me.

The Cube One is only 156-square-foot (about 15sq m). It really is small you’d think it’s a dorm room. It comes complete with furnishings and tech that can be voice-controlled. You can say it is one smart home or a smart pod that can even withstand natural disasters. It can survive the summer heat and the winter cold.

The Cube One is designed by Nestron. The company based in Singapore can ship the prefab home to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Only The Essentials Inside the Green Unit

Depending on your style and preference, you can have the interior customized. You can have the essentials inside from a bed to a wardrobe, living area, shower with a toilet, washing machine, and a kitchen with a bar counter.

The inside also features air conditioning, a sound system, TV, and color LED lighting that can be controlled via a smart home system. It may be small inside but the windows provide nice views of the outside.

The Cube One is ‘green’ in the sense it is made of 90% recyclable materials. It’s not fully soundproof but the non-toxic rock wool insulation in controlling the noise outside. It also protects the home from crazy temperatures. The prefab home is also moisture- and humidity-resistant as made possible by the compressed wood panels and drop-lock flooring.

Cube One can be easily bought and set wherever you want. It doesn’t need any foundation or installation. You can buy a Cube One starting at $30,000. Other customizations will be charged extra.