Cutwater Spirits Tequila Soda is cocktail canned to perfection

Featuring spirits here is very common. No, we’re not talking about the supernatural kind but liquor that most of you love. Filed under ‘culinary’, the drinks we mention here are some of the finest whether alcoholic or not.

There are different kinds of alcoholic drinks. We’ve featured most of them from vodka to gin to rum, whiskey, beer, brandy, cognac, and tequila. Some of the best tequilas we’ve noted here were the Fortaleza and Russ Hanneman Tres Comas Añejo Tequila.

Today, we’re trying out the canned kind: Tequila Soda. We’re not yet convinced about this but we’re adventurous so we’ll get varieties from Cutwater, a distillery in San Diego.

Tequila Soda Can Be Your New Drink of Choice

Cutwater combines house-made soda with its very own tequila plus some lime. The result is zero sugar, crisp taste, and no carb tequila soda. It’s only 130 calories but with 7% ABV per serving.

Any flavor of tequila soda is welcome. It uses Cutwater Spirits’ Rayador Tequila which is a best-seller. You can buy it separately as either Reposado or Blanco.

Cutwater may not be that popular but it is known in Mexico. It’s co-founder and present master distiller, Yuseff Cherney, happily shared: “The family has been making tequila in the region for nearly 100 years, and they’ve embraced us as if we were part of their own; allowing our team to oversee and customize every step of the process. They hand-select the finest agave, re-established oven cooking at the facility, built a custom-designed proprietary still used solely to make our tequilas, and use our whiskey barrels from San Diego for aging.”

A Cut Above the Rest

Cutwater has previous experience in canning tequila. It’s not the first time because it has present bestsellers in Lime Margarita and Paloma.

The brand has the ‘Spirits & Soda’ range which also includes three varieties of Vodka Soda. A can of Vodka Soda offers zero carbs and zero sugar, 99 calories, and 5% ABV. Like the Tequila Soda, the Vodka Soda offers a crisp taste, zesty citrus flavor, and just the right amount of alcohol.