Cuzen Matcha is fresh tea brewer that makes ‘matcha-presso’ from tea leaves

How do you like your matcha tea – straight up, as a latte or in sparkling water? Whatever the choice, I am sure you have a hard time preparing it; toiling to stir the matcha powder evenly to create a nice blend.

Enter Cuzen Matcha, a fresh tea brewer that makes ‘matcha-presso’ from tea leaves, much like the espresso machine makes a shot from coffee beans. It makes the process of preparing matcha effortless, tidier and the result is a cup of tea with a burst of extra flavor.

The matcha-presso revealed

The Cuzen Matcha comes with three primary contraptions. A leaf canister which is attached to a ceramic mill to grind tea leaves and a magnetic stirrer at the bottom wherein the brewed matcha is collected.

Winner of an Innovation Award at CES 2020, the machine grinds tea leaves stored in the aluminum storage unit into a fine powder and blends it with room temperature water in the stirrer at three different strength levels to produce a perfect matcha shot that is not bitter at all.

Cuzen Matcha offers an easy way to customize a favorite matcha drink – you can have the shot as is or add milk to it for a matcha latte. For a more refreshing cup of tea, you can pour this matcha-presso onto sparkling water.

Additional prowess

Matcha is made from entire tea leaf obtained from the same plant as green tea. It has more concentration of antioxidants and is associated with a variety of health benefits including weight-loss and decreasing heart diseases. Perfection and health benefits of matcha tea are thus ensured by the quality of leaves.

Understanding the significance of tea leaves in a perfect cup of matcha, Cuzen Matcha comes with its own leaves that are sourced directly from farmers in Japan.

The machine is still in manufacturing stage and is expected to ship in fall 2020. When it lands, it will be your personal tea brewer that will let you enjoy freshly-ground matcha every time you want.