FLÎKR Fire is soot-free, portable fireplace for cozy evenings

Fireplaces say a lot about a person’s character and taste. Sophisticated FLÎKR Fire is designed as a personal concrete fireplace that is fueled by run of the mill rubbing alcohol. This soot-free, portable fireplace is perfect for you to get cozy by the fire whenever and wherever you need. Moreover, it also provides a safe cooking surface for small items like skewers or s’mores.

You can turn up the FLÎKR Fire when summer nights get a little cold, without having to turn down the air conditioner to keep the temperatures comfortable. Apart from keeping you warm, this fireplace creates a functional ambience in and around your home as well.


This resourceful, single-person hearth utilizes merely 5 ounces of isopropyl rubbing alcohol fuel for roughly an hour of burning time. FLÎKR Fire sets up in just minutes, produces no carbon monoxide and the thermal barrier protects your furniture, making it absolutely safe for indoor use.

It has a refined cement texture with subtle details and makes sure that it is suitable for use anywhere. Additionally, its custom quartz-like base eliminates the need to put a safety mat or another accessory to place this fireplace on while in use. Operating on fuel, which is easily available in drugstores or supermarkets, this fireplace is ideal to use in a well-ventilated space.

Portable Fireplace

With high design, fragrance, and comfort of portable fireplaces that have gained popularity in the past couple of years, you can create the perfect environment anytime and anywhere. With a beautiful flame, FLÎKR Fire’s elegant design will certainly make it a conversational piece among guests in the living or dining room.

Its sculpted line and organic materials in a sober shape make it the perfect accessory to your table setting and outdoor living space. Compact at 4-inch x 5-inch diameter, the FLÎKR Fire weighs only 2.49 kg, which makes it a flawless décor piece for the bedroom as well.