Cybercat kit transforms Cybertruck into a capable catamaran 

Hate it or love it, the Cybertruck has encouraged designers to let loose their imagination in crafting accessories for Tesla’s electric pickup truck. That said, who would have thought Cybertruck could morph into a catamaran?

Yes, that’s exactly what this unique accessory developed by TSWLM Electric Vehicles has in stall for Elon Musk’s edgy electric vehicle that the world is itching to get their hands on. They call it the Cybercat, an amphibious kit that turns the Telsa Cybertruck into a floating vessel, and it already sounds like a crazy idea!

Ambitious Cybercat catamaran

The kit fits in the EV’s bed with components that comprise inflatable pontoons and multi-outboard drive. So, we are talking about a setup that is self-contained and won’t require any additional trailers to tow. If you remember, this is something akin to the Cyberlandr which fits a full-sized camper in the electric pickup’s bed.

The idea here is to take to the waters as the pontoons and electric outboard motors fold down to provide the forward propulsion. A land and water vehicle which will transform from a capable off-roader to a catamaran in the same time as it would take to launch a boat.

The ambitious Cybercat kit will be configurable with 2-5 50-kW electric outboard motors clocking a top speed of 22 knots. As for the range, the kit will let the Cybertruck with 500 miles battery rating configuration go around 44 nautical miles at a speed of 13 knots and 100 nautical miles when the pedal eased to 5 knots.

Folier kit for more oomph

Those who demand more speed will have the option of the Foiler kit which will lift the Cybertruck above the water on set of hydrofoils. This kit will bring a top speed of 35 knots. It will give the Cybertruck a bit more edge as it will go up to a distance of 65 nautical miles at a speed of 22 knots.    

Estimated price of the Cybercat will be anywhere between US$22,900 and $32,900 based on the configuration chosen. For the Foiler, fat-pocketed buyers will have to shell out $35,400 to $42,900.

While the amphibious Cybertruck kit is still a long way away from fruition, the idea seems right in line with the future ambitions of the market and consumer sentiments. For now, the startup is looking to amass $100 million in preorders.