David Hasselhoff’s personal Knight Rider KITT car is for sale

Over the years, actor and singer David Hasselhoff has been in several television shows and movies. However, Hasselhoff got his start on an iconic 80s TV series called Knight Rider. Anyone around in the 80s remembers spending weeknights watching the TV show complete with The Hoff and his talking car sidekick solving crimes and catching bad guys around the country.

Hasselhoff clearly has fond memories of his time spent with KITT. He owns a replica of the iconic car that was stored away that is going up for sale. The car is being auctioned off by liveauctioneers and has about 18 days left on the auction as of writing. Hasselhoff’s car was expected to sell for between $175,000 and $300,000.

However, there have been 18 bids as of writing, and the car has reached $975,000. Unlike eBay, each bidder with this auction house has to be preapproved, which should mean those are legitimate bids. The car is said to be fully functional, but we rather doubt it talks. The winner of the auction will be responsible for having it shipped on their dime.

The auction listing shows the vehicle is located in the UK, and the buyer will be responsible for shipping. In addition to the bid price, the buyer’s premium is 21 percent of the sales price. Hasselhoff has said that if the price exceeds 25 percent over the reserve, he will personally deliver the car to the new owner.

There is very little detail offered on the vehicle via the auction listing. It’s unclear if the car is running and driving or merely a static replica. We can tell in some of the images that the interior appears to be a bit worn and dated. It’s also unclear if the vehicle was ever used in the series or if it’s something Hasselhoff had made up on his own.

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