Diamond-clad Pearl Royale is world’s most expensive chess set

Who doesn’t like to get indulged in a brilliant and strategic game of chess? While, we have seen many iterations of this old-school game made out of wood, metal, glass, plastic, and ivory, rarely have we seen such a luxurious chess set.

The famous Australian jeweler and artist Colin Burn has created the world’s most expensive chess set, the Pearl Royale. The Pearl Royale chess set is enveloped with around 500 carats of diamonds. This chess set will be limited to only three sets, each hallmarked, numbered, and authenticated by Colin Burn himself.  

Exquisite piece of art

Creating an entire chess set out of precious metal and jewels surely was not an easy task. The manufacturing procedure was tremendously challenging owing to the untiring attention to detail, while flawlessly covering the pieces with beautiful stones gathered from all around the world.

Each of the 32 chess pieces is crafted out of 18 carats of white gold and is embellished with a coat of the highest-grade diamonds. The royal blue sapphires and black/white South Sea pearls are used to color each piece, hence inspiring the name of the set.

The bottom of each piece is meticulously designed and features the same quality fine diamonds. The underside of the pieces is finished with smooth polished edges to slide smoothly across the crystal glass chessboard.

A masterpiece

The set was only exhibited once last year in an art gallery in Beverly Hills, California, owing to its extreme beauty and splendor. The limited-edition chess set created out of pure perfection is priced at $4 million and comes with all the diamond and gem certification required.

Apparently, for this marvelous creation, Colin Burn took inspiration from the vintage 1849 Staunton chess pieces. He plans to create another such aesthetic beauty for the world’s brilliant chess players to play on this masterpiece in a tournament.  

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