Disney opens new Guardians of the Galaxy ride in Epcot 

Fans are eagerly waiting to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, including me; but it is still a long wait since the movie will premiere a year from now on May 5, 2023. The last Guardian of the Galaxy movie came out in 2017, which was such a long time ago and so much has changed in the meantime; yes, I am talking about Thanos and the Eternals. While the wait is bumming the fans out, Disney World is opening a new Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster at Epcot on May 27.

By the looks of it, Epcot’s first roller coaster,Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind’ is going to be a crazy ride with an immersive experience. You may even get to save the galaxy from potential threats. The new ride offers many other firsts for the theme park, with the first Disney Omnicoaster, a ride with rotating vehicles that turn guests toward the action, and has a first-ever reverse launch for a Disney coaster. Read on to know what else to expect from the new themed ride.

Cosmic Rewind

The Cosmic Rewind is a wildly fun indoor coaster and a brilliant addition to Epcot and Walt Disney World as a whole. Themed to a favorite Marvel series, the new coaster uses an innovative ride system that takes you on an engaging story line, dotted with quips from the Guardians, and of course, Star-Lord’s Awesome Mixes. You will also see actors from the film series, like Glenn Close, who plays Nova Prime Trani Rael, Commander of Nova Corps.

According to Disney, this new attraction is the first “other-world” exhibit pavilion at the internationally themed park. The company says that Star-Lord aka Peter Quill (the lead character played by Chris Pratt in the films) visited Epcot as a child, which ultimately led to the creation of the Wonders of Xander pavilion. People can study about the Xandarian people and their expertise in the Galaxarium, a planetarium presenting the galaxy around Earth and Xandar.

Family-friendly and thrilling

The tour then enters the Phase Chamber, where they are greeted by Terry Crews. Yes folks, Terry Crews will be playing a role in the ride in a Nova Corps uniform as Tal Marik, Commander of the starcharter and close advisor to Nova Prime. In this chamber, the guests will be teleported from Epcot to a Nova Corps Starcharter cruiser flying above the earth. And the adventure begins.

You will be part of an exhilarating excursion with the Guardians on a pursuit through the galaxy for Eson, a celestial being trying to destroy humanity. Marvel introduced Celestials in its Eternals. The ride rotates 360 degrees throughout the attraction, always focusing on the action.

There are not any stomach-curdling dead drops, but the ride is absolutely thrilling, family-friendly, funny, and visually immersive as you soar through stars and planets. The mechanics and ride statistics are impressive, but the selected playlist and storytelling fully engage guests in the experience. Moreover, it is one of the longest enclosed coasters in the world, matching the crazy adventure levels of the movies. 

So get ready to pay a visit to this galactic adventure as soon as it opens on May 27. Better yet, make it a part of your summer vacation.