Drive to Survive Season 4 will reveal the ugly side of Formula 1

The blockbuster Formula 1 2021 season has concluded with a cliff hanger finish to the championship battle between invincible drivers Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. It was left until the last lap of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that motorsports fans finally had a winner for the race, and the world champion crowned.

The controversial last lap of racing resumed after the tormented car of Nicholas Latifi was removed from the track under safety car conditions. Until then Lewis was in command of the race on old hard tires, but then destiny had something else in plans. This anti-climax ending could rival any Hollywood blockbuster movie, and be the perfect plot for the Drive to Survive Season 4 on Netflix.

What to expect

The hit series bringing interesting behind the scene strategies and plots of F1 has already gripped the audience in the three seasons so far. The next installment of Drive to Survive is going to be highly anticipated amongst the fans who want to know what went behind the closed doors on the last five laps of the last race of the 2021 season.    

Verstappen pitted for fresh soft tires and came out behind the lapped cars, between himself and race leader Hamilton. Race control, led by Michael Masi decided to let the 5 cars unlap themselves and immediately Verstappen was behind the leader.

Another surprise decision came in the form of immediate calling in of the safety car for a lap of pure motor racing. On those fresh tires, relentless Max was not going to let the opportunity go, and he passed Hamilton to snatch the victory and of course the world championship from his grasp.            

This calls for a very interesting Drive to Survive Season 4 owning to these last few laps and the tables turning right at the end. Almost 7.4 million viewers tuned in for the title decider race, and even more will binge-watch the Netflix series the day it will be aired, we bet!

Toto Wolff’s anger toward Michael Masi

While the two drivers have pushed each other to the pinnacle of race craft this season with contacts at high speeds at multiple occasions. Both of them came level on 369.5 points before the Abu Dhabi GP. The team principles have had their own intense psychological battles behind the scenes too.

The official radio chatter by Toto Wolff and Christian Horner with Michael Masi during races, all this season, has shown the intensity both team bosses wanted their respective driver to take the prize home. What happened on the last lap angered Wolff beyond comprehension, and rest is history now. That’s going to be the most interesting part of the Netflix series, as we all wait to see what actually went on in the last race this year.

We’re sure the ugly side of F1 will be unearthed in this series, and that too in the final episode. While Netflix has long ago confirmed the series is coming in 2022, there is no confirmed date yet. What went on during those last laps, the race control and stewards’ decision, elation for triumphant Max and dejected Ham – it will all unfold then!