Dyson Pure Cryptomic Air Purifiers can remove formaldehyde

Dyson has always been synonymous with style and tech. Others may say having a Dyson product, whether a vacuum cleaner, electric fan, or even a hairdryer, is a status symbol. To be fair, the brand deserves all the praises because the products are worth their premium prices.

Starting with the Dyson electric fan, aka Cooling Fan and now as an Air Purifier, this thing is getting an improvement. It can still be enhanced in many ways.

The latest model from the line of sculptural air purifiers is the Dyson Pure Cryptomic. This one adds a new entry to its long list of elements to remove. Formaldehyde removal is now a “talent” of this new purifier apart from being able to convert it to carbon dioxide and water.

Same Cool Design, Better Filtering Action

Don’t just think those Dyson fans look cool, they deserve to be in your living room. The sad truth is that not many people may care about what toxins are in the air because they mainly stay indoors. The reality is that the toxic elements in the air are what carry viruses, therefore, making you sick.

For example, formaldehyde is found in cleaning products, electronics, air fresheners, and furniture. It’s an odorless gas that must not be inhaled to avoid allergy, ENT irritation, and some specific cancers.

Dyson has redesigned its activated carbon filter. It’s better now as it can filter domestic fumes, odors, and gases. There is also a new catalyst panel that can trap formaldehyde. There is also an oxygen-rich surface coating that breaks down gas into water and CO2. One major benefit of the Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic is having 20,000x less CO2 and water indoors as that is the amount a unit can remove in one day as described by the British technology company.

The Dyson Pure Cryptomic line comes in four models. Two colors each (gunmetal-bronze or white-gold color combo) will be available for the Dyson Pure Cool Cryptomic and the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Cryptomic. The fan and the fan/heater will come with a standard particulate filter. About 99.97% of allergens can be caught by anyone. The idea is the HELPA filter will “filter” and trap bad stuff like mold spores, pollen, and bacteria.

Purifier Fan Goes Techy with an App

If you plan on getting this new Dyson Pure Cryptomic, do note the carbon and HEPA filters still need to be replaced every year. No need to change the formaldehyde catalyst filter though.

The Dyson cooling fan-air purifier can also be tracked through a compatible app. You can check the air quality of your surroundings. The exact level of formaldehyde may not be detected but it will be included in the overall air quality.

As with most Dyson cooling air purifiers, the Dyson Pure Cryptomic purifiers oscillate and offer directed-air fan mode/ diffuse mode.

Dyson Pure Cryptomic Air Purifiers start at $649.99 (fan-only). The Pure Hot+Cool version costs $749.99.