E-Trace electric snow bike is for every enthusiast irrespective of their experience

The recreation on snow is limited to the experienced skiers, snowmobilers and others in the same league. With the vision to enhance the idea of joy on snow to people with lack of any sort of experience, French startup Arosno has introduced the E-Trace.

A nice blend of snow vehicle and electric bike, the E-Trace can be used without formal training or experience. All you need is a commitment to ride the powder, the grit to work your muscles and the willingness to enjoy the freedom of mobility.

Safe and reliable e-bike

A safe and reliable way to maneuver the snow surface, E-Trace is a wonderful modern mix of cycling and sledding. Drawing inspiration from the snowmobile, the electric bike for the snow takes the concept of sledding to a new high. The contraption comprising two skis on the front, pedal section with levers to maneuver and a track on the back for additional stability.

When the winter approaches, and you are compelled to pack your regular e-bike in storage; just take the E-Trace to the snow routes without any formal training and ride the snow like you’ve conquered the road. “Easy to ride as a bike and playful as a sled,” the E-Trace looks and rides like the snowmobile but is actually a silent performing e-bike.

Environmentally-friendly ride

With 3 point support on the ground and electric assistance, so your paddling is assisted, the E-Trace is designed for all types of snow. The reliable ride allows you to pedal your way through snow – you don’t have to pedal downhill (like when riding bike on road) and on your way up, you can easily climb up to 60-percent steep inclines with limited effort.

The E-Trace is powered by a 250-W Sachs RS motor that provides the bike a top speed of 25kmh. The motor is powered by a lithium battery offering up to 45km of range on a single charge. Weighs about 45 kg and with a load-bearing capacity of 120kgs, the Arosno E-Trace can be pre-ordered for €7,990 (approximately $9,500) with shipping expected to begin in November 2022.