Eargo 6 smart hearing aid automatically adapts to the listening environment

We’ve seen Eargo come up with its new iteration of smart hearing aids at past CES events, that are visually less intrusive and ergonomically comfortable. This year is no different, as the medical device company has revealed its sixth-generation device which is by far the most powerful and compact.

Eargo 6 is more like little black earbuds with a complete in canal (CIC) design which keeps it snugly in fit without anyone even noticing it. As compared to some of the similar products on the market, the Eargo 6 hearing aid is much smaller and comes with some extra perks.

Self-adapting hearing aid    

The USP of the Eargo 6 hearing aid is the Sound Adjust feature which employs the proprietary algorithm to automatically sense the surroundings and make the necessary adjustment for the user to have a smooth listening experience.

The smart hearing aid also gets the environment offset functions that offsets the communication challenges the user has to face. For example, while having a conversation with a person wearing a mask, Eargo 6 makes things easy for the listener. That’s why the feature is called “mask mode” and it can be initiated at the touch of a button via the app.

Ambient noise reduction

Eargo 6 comes with proactive noise reduction technology which blurs away the background noises or the noises between pauses in speech. This comes in handy in places such as restaurants, metro stations, and airplanes. To top it off the hearing aid has impressive IPX7 water resistance which makes them survive a dunk in the swimming pool for up to 30 minutes.   

For eager buyers, the Eargo 6 hearing aid will be available right away for a price tag of $2,950. The company is also offering financing options for the medical gadget as it might not be outrightly affordable for most people. In that case, you can get them for $94/month for a duration of 36 months in an interest-free financing option.