Flic buttons can trigger Amazon Alexa with a push

The actually concept of having smart devices, appliances, or lights, that trigger on Alexa commands, is convenience. You can call out to Alexa to switch on the room lights as you walk in or maybe play the music when your hands are deep in the meal you’re preparing.

For some reason if Alexa has been a pain – it may not pick your accent or may not trigger commands instantly – you can make a switch from voice commands to touch with Flick buttons. These are smallest and fastest external buttons that work efficiently with Amazon Alexa and let users switch off the lights or start a smart speaker with the touch of the button.


The smart buttons are easy to setup using the Flic app, and can instantly be used to control the smart home. The next-gen Flic buttons are not actually state-of-the-art – there have been dedicated external buttons from Amazon – but these do have their own advantage. In addition to being compatible with Alexa, Flic Buttons are also compatible with the Apple HomeKit. Once connected to the smart home devices via Bluetooth Low Energy, Flic buttons can be pressed to trigger any command that could be triggered using voice. The button push makes the process of triggering a command more prompt and decreases the chance of Alexa not catching the command, for various reasons.


Communicate with phones, computers, and appliances, with or without the optional Flic Hub – hub is recommended to connect with smart home appliances. Configure the Flic buttons on three trigger combinations (push, double push, and hold) and allow even the youngest members of the family to flick the buttons to trigger endless commands.

The buttons can be labeled with icon stickers to make clear what each button does. Interestingly, the Flic buttons can also work just as well with Philips HUE, IKEA Trådfri, and Sonos speakers, and more.