Ecobox Home’s loft-free tiny house has a multifunctional living room

The trend for tiny living has transpired into a cult where many people are moving into mini homes for good. To ensure home-like sustenance in tiny homes, the interiors have evolved with spatial configuration.

Presenting a refined taste to the interior space utilization, a Bulgarian company Ecobox Home is offering EBH 659. This tiny house features the most interesting multifunctional living room, which in addition to a convertible sofa bed has a dining table that folds away into a picture frame on the wall.

Clean, modern EBH 659

Pretty average on the outside with dark metal cladding and wooden siding, the EBH 659 – the most premium model of Ecobox Home – is based on a 22-foot-long base. Offering a 180 square feet floor area on the inside, it boast wooden interiors and comes complete with a bedroom, multifunctional living room, kitchen and toilet all on the same level – no loft included.

The highlight of the Ecobox Home’s trailer home is the living room, which makes great use of the space. The convertible sofa, which can be configured in a range of layouts, and transformed into a fully, comfy double-sized bed has a lot of storage underneath. The sofa storage also includes the flat-pack chairs usable with the dining table that retracts back into the wall when not used.

Other details

Just a setup up from the living area is the main bedroom. Occupying the floor space is a large bed, while wall mounted night lamps, and windows on two sides complete the nifty bedroom.

On the other side of the living room are the kitchen and toilet (in the extreme end). The L-shaped kitchen is small but packed with amenities including two burner stove, sink, and wooden cabinets – one of which also houses a small fridge. The bathroom makes room for a toilet, sink with vanity, glass shower cabin and ample storage for toiletries. The sliding door makes the bathroom seem more spacious.

The Ecobox Home EBH 659 is available in three configurations. The base model is priced at $25,000, while the top-of-the-line model fitted with plumbing, electrical, furniture, air-conditioning and ambient lighting will cost about $39,000.

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