Elektro Frosch Electric Tricycle makes camping easier, greener

Going on an adventure doesn’t always mean flying to the most exotic or luxurious destinations in the world. It can also mean going to some of the more interesting spots right in your native country or even as small as your home town.

For some, an adventure can simply mean setting up camp in a nearby forest or beach. If you have inhibitions, you can start in your own backyard.

From Tricycle to a Camper

Begin by getting a mini tent or something like this micro camping home. It’s more of a mini trailer for the solo traveler.

Of course, we won’t recommend you go alone. Bring someone along with you. We’re guessing at least two can fit and be comfortable inside.

Electric Driving to Camping in No Time

Elektro Frosch, a company based in Berlin, has come up with this electric tricycle that turns into a small camping home. It’s a motorhome that comes with a roof-top tent, a camping kit, a fold-out bed, and an expandable kitchen. You see, camping these days is easier. You can just grab and go your camping kit and drive off to a site.

The kit can be removed. It is lightweight. You can choose the parts separately—just the electric trike or just the mini motorhome. It is road-legal so you don’t have to worry if the vehicle specs will be allowed.

It comes with a 3.4-hp electric drive with a 4.3-kWh deep-cycle gel battery. You can fully charge the electric tricycle from six to eight hours. A full batt can go up to 60km (37 miles) at a 40 km/h (of 25 mph) top speed.

The Pro version of the Elektro Frosch Electric Tricycle Micro Camper Home can go for $5,500. The non-pro model starts at $4,400 that already includes the full camping kit and electric vehicle.