Elite Innovations G1 Virtuoso is one modern customizable glass pool table

Billiards is a sport. Some of you may argue it’s just a game but it has many requirements that make it a sport. You have the players, the equipment, and the pool table. It’s part of the Olympics since two decades ago so there’s your proof.

Even if you don’t know how to play, it can be fascinating and exciting to just be a spectator. We believe there is physics in billiards and it requires skill, intelligence, and focus.

If playing billiards if just a hobby for you, it’s okay. We also enjoy playing a round or two, especially with friends. We know a few who have pool tables at home, in their “man caves”.

Pool Table vs Billiards Table

Pool tables are smaller compared to the billiards table. If you only have space for a pool table, you may want to check out the Elite Innovations G1 Virtuoso.

Now this glass pool table may be a challenge to play with but before it happens, you will have to face the challenge of transporting and setting it up. But then again there are professional movers for that.

Instead of the blue or green felt material, the pool table is made of glass. It’s transparent so it’s like the billiard balls are floating in the air.

Elite Innovations G1 Virtuoso is one modern pool table. If you’re looking for new stuff to fill your man cave or game room, we recommend this one. The company is just based in Australia so it may take a while if you order one now.

Glass Pool Table is a Sight to Behold

The G1 Virtuoso glass pool table from Elite Innovations is held by a metal base with 12 support points. The premium quality glass measures 0.6-inch thick (15mm). The edges are exposed but polished for a more streamlined look. What makes the balls roll is a transparent Vitrik layer on top of the glass. The layer offers rolling resistance, impact protection, and allows ball spin.

Compared to cloth on ordinary pool tables, Vitrik offers consistency of rolls. Fabric can wear and be damaged over time. The glass top is easier to clean too unlike cloth that may show chalk buildup.

Each table can be personalized as well. Choose from the RGB LED lighting, suede bumpers, copper/gold/ chrome plating, and powder-coated finishes. The G1 Virtuoso also includes a transparent pathway that lets you see the pocketed balls. It measures 8 x 4-foot or 7 x 3.5-foot—or depending on your requirement.