SOMA Water Bottle 17 oz comes with a wider mouth, wider base

There’s something about nice-looking bottles that draw us to them. They’re definitely for drinking but whether you admit it or not, such bottles have become part of one’s style in the past few years. They’ve become the latest accessory of the Millenials and for some, they’re sort of status symbols.

How can a bottle used for drinking be a status symbol? Well, there’s always the brand name and the design. We’ve actually featured a few here like that limited edition Evian x Virgil Abloh glass bottle with a case. It followed the earlier version also designed by Abloh but in partnership with SOMA.

Say No to Single-Use Plastic

SOMA water bottles are not just eco-friendly because it teaches you not to buy plastic and disposable water bottles. The latest design we love is this SOMA V2 17 oz. Glass Water Bottle that is a bit expensive at $30.

It’s pricey for a bottle but it’s made of glass and is reusable. No need to buy water. Simply bring this with you anywhere you go, refill, and off you go to the gym or the park for your workout.

Single-use plastic is a no-no so we hope with this new SOMA Glass Water Bottle, you’ll be more conscious of your use of plastic. It’s time to get ‘greener’ and be more sustainable because Mother Earth isn’t happy these days.

Wider Mouth Plus Wider Base Make the Perfect Water Bottle

This one will remind you of the SOMA x Evian x Virgil Abloh Water Bottle because of the design. This one though can only hold 17 oz. or 500ml of water. It comes with the shatter-resistant glass protected by a silicone sleeve. The bamboo cap is still there. This one also comes with a wider mouth and a more stable base as described.

With a wider base, you can put ice cubes inside for a more enjoyable drink. Cleaning is also easier. The stable base makes it less prone to spilling so you don’t have to worry especially with it’s on your work table.

The protective silicone sleeve is available in a variety of colors. Options include white, grey, blush, mint, emerald, and sapphire.