Elite’s Rizer takes stationary bike uphill and downhill just like in real ride

This pandemic has left us with little reason to step out and live the active lifestyle we so relish. If you have been training your muscles to the interactive cycling programs at home, here’s a little more excitement and fun you can add to make the routine true to a real-life scenario.

With the Rizer, a gradient simulator with steering from Elite, you can experience more than the strain of climbing or descending. Now you can experience your otherwise stationary bike tilting up and down to match the climb or descend on your training program, while still steering.

Elite indoor cycling

The new member to the otherwise successful Elite indoor cycling ecosystem, the Rizer is designed to allow your bike to raise or lower for a real-time incline or descend experience while you are in your training regime. The gradient simulator from Elite is designed to be attached to the fork of the bicycle, while the latter end of the bike remains coupled to the trainer.

Compatible with most of the popular programs including Zwift, the Rizer comes with Bluetooth and ANT+ to pair wirelessly with the device playing your training program. To mimic the real-life experience of what is happening on the screen, the Rizer allows the bike to respond to the onscreen climb or descend. For this, the bike is lifted by almost 20-degrees on the climb, while it is lowered by good 10-degrees to match the journey downhill.

Compatibility and more

The Rizer is either controllable through an Android or iOS app, or the users can control it via the controls onboard. The device itself is an aluminum tower that rests on very stable steel and aluminum stand. The contraption can handle up to 264.5 pounds (roughly 120kg) and is compatible with all upright bikes.

For a more impressive feel of being in the outdoors while still riding indoors, the Rizer allows fork and bicycle handlebar to be turned side to side for a more realistic cycling experience. This according to the makers improves that handlebar feel, and works out the muscle groups that you would when riding on the road. For your new riding experience at home, the Rizer is available for $1,100.