Escapet Carrier Bag: Survival Kit and Furry Friend Bag in one

We now live in a world where tragedies are commonplace. Most people prepare for the worst by buying stuff for emergency. They hoard items that may be in use for the future. Some wise men prepare emergency boxes or bags for every family member—just in case.

A plan of action during emergency situations is also set. However, many of us forget about our pets. It’s always the home pets that are left behind. That’s a harsh reality. We can’t really blame people because one can’t think straight at such times. A person’s life is better than the animals, right? Well, only a pet owner or animal lover can answer that for himself.

Don’t Forget Your Pet + Emergency Kit

To help you remember, here is the Escapet. It is a specially-designed carrier bag that lets you carry your pet in times of emergency. With the Escapet, you can also bring your survival kit with you. It’s two-in-one—a pet carrier and an emergency bag. The bag lets you store up to three days worth of emergency supply like food and water.

The Escapet Carrier Bag is one smart idea that we don’t want you to use. We mean we don’t want any tragedy or emergency to happen that would make you use the bag. We hope nothing bad occurs from here on because the first month of year was already bad enough. But then again, nothing is wrong with being really prepared.

You Can Never Be Prepared Enough

Being prepared is a must. With the Escapet Carrier Bag, granted that you remember to grab it from where you put it, will also remind you to retrieve your home pet. Your furry friend is important too but hey, don’t stress yourself too much.

A winner of the Red Dot Award for 2019 and designed by Ching Lin Tsai, the Escapet looks like an ordinary backpack but it transforms into a pet carrier. Even if there is no emergency you can use it to carry the pet and use outdoors to bring the essentials.