REMI VAN OERS Time 2.1 clock has unique time display mechanism

Clocks are one of the most important accessories in our life, keeping us sharp at all times. Other than being an important aspect of human life, clocks also add to the aesthetics of home decor. If you are one of those who likes everything minimalistic when it comes to home interiors, this modern clock is for you.

REMI VAN OERS Time 2.1 is a clock that’ll blend into the modern interiors of your living or bedroom seamlessly. It has a very simple yet attractive time display mechanism that will attract anyone for a surefire look.

Time 2.1 clock mechanism

The desk clock has a very clean design which is unlike other clocks which are at times too overdone. It abandons the age old numeric/roman/digital symbols which denote time in favor of just two dots. There’s a large orange dot on the outside which displays the hours and the inside black dot denotes minutes.

Since we have all grown up watching clocks, hence the position of the two dots instantly reveals the current time in our mind. The mechanism of this desk clock is quite simple as one can assess from the design. The two concentric circles rotate in a way that it accurately displays the position of the orange and black dot.

Desk clock for geeks

The clock designed and manufactured in Eindhoven, Netherlands is perfect for nerds who like to sport a clean look in their room without too many colors or patterns. REMI VAN OERS Time 2.1 is indeed an accessory that stays put on a flat surface thanks to the magnetic stand which automatically aligns to the clock’s shell made form aluminum.

On the back too, the desk clock accessories the same clean theme. The time control is discretely hidden and is accessible by a single-push mechanism. For a price tag of $200 this timepiece is indeed unique in its own rights.