Essential things to consider before buying a watch

Discussing the significance of a watch is like showing light to the sun. It is one of the finest inventions that we have known and relate time to – time that never remains the same. The watch on the wrist however does; it is a legacy that grandfather’s pass down to their grandchildren and everything in between.

In the every-changing world, wristwatches have stood the test of time and have come a long way. The advent of mobile phones, that have popped up a timepiece on every device, watches have lost a footing somehow – but it hasn’t been a deterrent for the industry which dishes out a watch after another to meet consumer demand.  

There are watches for everything – from boardrooms to gyms and from golf courses to yacht races. No wonder finding a new watch to buy can be a daunting task. If you are looking to invest in a watch, it is important to take your time in choosing it, after all, you are going to wear it for the most part of your life.

Big dial, small dial, chronograph, hand-wound, quartz or mechanical, you need to be sure of what you want. There are so many options for each category that you can get easily lured into buying a watch of the moment instead of something you love. So, following are a few things that you should be mindful of and consider when you set out to buy a watch.

Understand your budget, requirement and lifestyle

Sleek, well-designed and appealing watches are available for as little as $100 these days. You don’t really have to break a bank to buy a striking watch, which you may not really need. Yes, watch is an investment, but only if you have the means to invest – if you do, you should capitalize. Unlike a luxe car that loses value the moment you ride it out of the showroom – a watch retains, at times even increases in value over time.

The watch must be a reflection of your taste. So do not really fall for the claims and suggestion of friends’ et al. After all, the watch should match your lifestyle. You can’t be an outdoor guy with a limited edition timepiece on your wrist. Go for a watch that is in your budget – this will help narrow down the options for you.

Next, look for a watch in the shortlist, which you would like to look at every day. It is not going to be fun waking up to a watch on the wrist that you do not like but you have it only because someone else suggested. You need a watch you won’t get bored of.

Zero down a dial size, complication and importance

Wristwatches are available in a range of dial sizes right from a 20 mm odd to as large as 50 mm. You must measure your wrist to know well the size you are looking for. There is no point lusting over a large dial when your wrist is not really there to flaunt it.

Generally owning a watch is less about practicality and more about romance for the design and complication. Yes, the extra dials and hands on the mechanical (even in some quartz) watch models look mysterious and exciting, but remember this engineering class bumps up the price by thousands of dollar.

A dual dial may be ideal for a frequent overseas traveler, as it tells you the time in two separate time zones, or a chronograph may be important for a coach or an athlete as it provides a stopwatch. A watch with date window or a perpetual calendar (that doesn’t require the date counter to be adjusted in a leap year) is appropriate if you can’t keep track of day and date.

Bracelet or strap? Actually versatility is important

Just as the dial and case, watches are accompanied by a range of bracelets and straps. Choosing a combo you want can be as difficult as finalizing the dial itself. Bracelets are increasingly popular choice with men as they come in variety of materials including stainless steel and shades of gold.

However, there are more substantial sports-style bracelets also, which are ideal for the more adventurous and sporty ones. Watches are also provided with leather, fabric and rubber straps of various types, which are a hit with the outdoor buffs and those who like their watches a little rugged.

For maximum versatility though, more and more watchmakers are now offering models with interchangeable straps. These straps can be switched by the wearer easily and present him with a new watch every time. When possible, it is advisable to buy a watch that allows you to switch the strap. There would nothing be like a watch that looks just as good with steel bracelet as it does with a leather band.