Eva Solo Sweep dustpan and brush set is ready to tackle wet and dry mess

If social distancing, in wake of coronavirus, has confined you to your home without a domestic help doing the cleaning; you’d understand, it’s really tough to clean the mess.

You need a decent dustpan and brush for your cleaning requirements, but you cannot go out to buy one – here is then a practical and hygienic design that you can order online. Once you have it, you’re going to be using the sweep dustpan and brush set by Eva Solo all the time.

Oak and silicone construction

Sweep is a balance of attractive design and practicality. Featuring a handle made from oak, the brush sports silicone bristles which make it ideal to deal with both wet and dry mess. The dustpan on the other hand has a sharp edge so that dust, dirt, and crumbs can be easily swept into the pan.

What makes the Sweep really interesting is its design – the circular build ensures that the brush can fit snugly within the pan for easy storage. The brush is attached to a leather cord, which lets you hang it up so it is always within reach and not occupying space in a drawer or shelf.

Care and maintenance   

Both the brush and the dustpan can be washed by hand. Silicone bristles of the Sweep can withstand being washed and retain their shape even after excessive use and washing. The oak handle should generally be wiped with a damp cloth and oiled for durability.

Priced at about $70, the Evo Solo Sweep dustpan and brush set can be ordered online. Shipping time depends on receiver country though, according to Eva Solo, orders are dispatched within two working days.