FENDI Match Casual Sneakers from the Winter Capsule ready

Until the winter season is over, we won’t stop checking out the most interesting and attractive shoes you can buy. It’s the season to go all out on shopping for many people. 

For sneakerheads, there really is no best time as every time is an opportunity to obtain the coolest shoes. We have seen several pairs of winter-ready boots and sneakers. Now, we’ll just have this pair of casual sneakers from Fendi.

FENDI Luxury Sneakers

Fendi Match Skate Sneaker Winter Capsule Market

It’s not just any pair of luxury sneakers, this model from the FENDI Match  line is actually part of the fashion house’s Winter Capsule Collection. It’s specifically designed by Kim Jones. The sneakers don’t look too festive with its neutral tones but we can say they’re very catchy. 

The FENDI Match Skate Sneakers from the Winter Capture Collection uses neutral colors. The classic rounded silhoutte is ready for both the ladies and gents. 

FENDI Match Skate Sneakers Design

Fendi Match Skate Sneaker Winter Capsule Price

The pair comes with a layered outsole. The toe cap features a panel just like what’s on the back heel. There is that retro look given off by the suede overlay in distressed style.  

he laces appear vintage, complimenting the textured pebbled leather material used. The FENDI Match shows the FF pattern on the side panel.  You can purchase the pair from Fendi stores and online store for $930.